Bullock Investigation Security is a Veteran owned Business and pride ourselves on hiring Veterans.

Bullock Investigation Security LLC has been in business since 2013, we have over 16 years of experience, in the field of security. Each person with Bullock Investigation Security LLC adds to over 50 years of experience. We specialize in all types of security, we value our business in maintaining exceptional employees with integrity. We are dedicated to personalizing the security around your business, and with personable skill set to protect, assets, clients, visitors and employees. We will continue to earn you're business, We truly believe that a security business should be a personable business. Our values and Integrity are at the utmost importance.

Bullock Investigation Security LLC is a very unique Business we tailor security around your needs. We will hire based on the needs of the client. We will equip officers based on your needs. We will work hand in hand with each client to make sure your needs are being met on a day to day basis.